buy EZ-Flash DS USB Flash Advance Linker and GBA Flash Cart for gba roms.

EZ-Flash 4 Cart Linker for GBA Roms

EZ-Cart 512Mb
Description - EZ2 1G (1024M) USB Linker Set


EZ2 1Gb cart has out!!! Now you have 4 times space more than 256Mb cart. You can save more game, more music and more video. 8Mb saver space can save more game saver. PowerStar tech always saves your battery life. EZ-Flash : EZ4 Lite Delux.

The very first 2nd generation linker device is now available for the Gameboy Advance and now also Gameboy Advance SP console. Now also with built in Cheat functions!

NEW! SUPER BIG Capacity! EZ2 Power Star with Real Time Clock!
EZ2 1G Cartridge can hold various data in its flash memory. After written games, demos or other programs into EZ2 1G cartridge, you can play them directly like the original Game Boy Advance cartridge.

SuperCard DStwo
Play GBA ROMs on Nintendo DSi & XL


DSi came without the SLOT-2 also known as Gameboy Advance slot for GBA cartridges, and normal DS is not advanced enough to emulate GBA ROMS at full speed, but SuperCard DStwo gets around it by adding a Coprocessor in the cartridge so that you can now run GBA ROMs on Nintendo DSi and DSiXL from a microSD card inside the DStwo Super Card adapter!

Buy SuperCard DStwo go

(plays NDS ROMs, GBA and SNES roms + DivX and XviD movies on DS without converting to any low-quality format like R4)

EZ2 PowerStar
As well known, extending the working time of battery is one of the biggest challenges of portable device design.
Though EZ team has released EZ Flash II, the most efficient GBA Backup cart in power consumption two months ago. Here we would proudly release our new product which is EZ Flash II Power Star, called as EZ II Power Star for short that can extend the working time of GBA or GBA SP's battery longer compare to the most efficient GBA Backup cart at present. EZII Power Star uses the Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 1.8V instead of Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 3.3V, it's the major secret why EZII Power Star can be so efficient in power consumption.

Product Features

  • New Improved Realtime Clock Function, Even better than EZF!
  • Support hardware EEPROM and FLASHROM save method. No need further savepatch.
  • Return current game title or EZLoader to reselect game by press a key combination. No need power off your GBA.
  • Support Cheat function. Enable or disable cheat in game by press a key combination.
  • Direct support EmuCheat's CHT format and Virtual Boy Advanced cheatcode format.
  • Compatible with all GBA and GBA SP consoles worldwide.
  • Compatible with all GBA games including Multirom.
  • Compatible with all NES GAMES
  • 100% working with multigames
  • Small and lightweight, and no other power is required and the USB port powers the unit.
  • Cartridges now are the same size as the Orginal GBA games.
  • Software compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Platform/ Services
Microsoft Business Solution-Navision
EZ-Flash for Gameboy Advance and GBA SP. EZF Advance Flash Linker new GBA ECube 1G fash cart EZFA
IW HR&Payroll
  • + Power Star (Energy Saver) !
    + Real Time Clock for playing game like Pokemon !
    + Game Hunter (Cheat Codes) !
    + 5 Key Reboot !
    + Hardware Saver !
  • Can be used via USB port
  • Next generation software support
  • Faster transfer speed
  • No batteries required
  • No power supply adapter required
  • Download and upload gamesaves into/from your original Game Cartridges!
  • Rewritable & Multi-Game support (one card holds many games/programs)
  • Intelligent savegame handling for SRAM, Flash and EEPROM (now stores a savegame for EVERY game!)
  • Compatible with Game Boy Advance & SP
EZclient 3.10 released


Improved compatibility to PC
Add new cart identification
EZLoader updated to 2.17, need format cart. EZ-Flash : EZ4 Lite Delux Xcode updated to 1640
Romname updated to 1640

EZClient 3.08 released

3.08 update
1.bugs in Bomatype Soft Reset and cheat support when in directory with space
2.NonEZ cart recognize flashing
7.Enhanced cart recognize
4.xcode to 1627
5.romname to 1627
7.Enhanced Loader's cart support
7.Enhanced compatible support to usb device.

New Products released

EZ-Flash 3 - EZ3 UBS
EZFIII is not our product

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